Monday, July 21, 2008

First google adsense alternative

Google adsense is one of best way to make internet money, from your blog, website. Adsense introduced contextual advertising, ads related to your website content are displayed on your web pages. The idea worked far more better that expected. The net surfers are getting some really good websites through google ads, website owners are making lots of money from adsense program. Google is highest paying advertising program on internet.
Google has very strict rules regarding to their publishers to maintain authenticity of their advertising program. They are very serious about click fraud. If any google adsense publisher get into click fraud activities then they ban them for life time. Means you cannot be a adsense publisher with your name as payee name. Many of publishers got baned from google for such activities, though they were unware of some facts from google. So for such publishers in order to monetize their websites a lots of good google adsense alternatives are present.
Good Adsense Alternative: Adbrite
Adbrite is good for publishers who have around 300+ daily unique visitors, traffic generating from U.S., canada, U.K.
Publisher has more flexibility with adbrite, they can decide their own price for text link ads. Publishers can block advertisers they want.
Adbrite have lots of ad formats all standard IAB with inline ads & full page ads. But they have very low cpc around $.05 & for full page ad it is $.001
One tedious thing with adbrite is you have to put their code on your website & wait for ad to appear, ads are not content related, some times it shows ads, some times ads are not there. So it is like you are wasting your ad space.

But still for big publishers it is good adsense alternatives & it works better along with adsense.


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